Mire EP

by Bog Wraith

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    Music by Bog Wraith

    Art by Cesar Adrian

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released March 17, 2017

Artwork by Cesar Adrian of Soul Asphyx Arts (facebook.com/soulasphyxarts)

Recorded at Hertz Donut Studios



all rights reserved


Bog Wraith Lansing, Michigan

Formed in Lansing, Michigan in the summer of 2016, Bog Wraith is a deathcore outfit influenced by slam, black metal, and death metal.

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Track Name: Shallow Grave
Got a shovel, time, and patience
To cover my atrocity
Burying her body out back
The visage is tormenting me
Hastily dug out a patch of land
Hands still trembling
Placed so carefully
The soil warming your pale skin
Tucking you in ever so neatly
A loving tribute to mistakes
Recalling vile lashing
Forcing this to happen
Regret fills my body
Salty red tears flowed down my chin
Shaking your still form
Your eyes devoid of life
The voice in my head
Replaced with yours
Calling me into our garden
To plant my most prized flower
My darling bride
My hands caked with dirt
Sweat rolls down my brow
Slamming the spade into the earth
Looking upon meer inches of dirt
Soon to revisit this new boneyard
Elegy of my regret
Pleading her voice to leave my head
Track Name: Stitches
Who's the real monster?
Is it what I create,
Or have I made an abomination of myself?
Looking to graveyards
For my salvation
Bodies to mend my bride
Stitched together
From fresh carcasses
Breathing life into her form
A ragdoll of deceased
Lightning through every inch
Anticipating the undead
Rigor mortis undone
As I animate her flesh
My human chimera screams
The pain of rebirth
Misery from the first breath she took
Presenting the newly awoken
Her ring to wear with pride
A love I have longed for
The night I rejoin my bride
Adorn in gowns
White as her complexion
Looking upon perfection
Crafted so meticulously
Monsters make monsters
Track Name: Call to the Marshlands
Tearing herself open
And plucking the black heart from her chest
Dangling it like a medalion
She called me to the marshlands
We explored carelessly
Distant my lover stayed
Leading me deep into muck
Stuck in the mud
The dead look in her eyes
Reborn with intent
She recalled her death
The torment she endured
The pleas I ignored
The torment I'll endure
The pleas she ignores
Haunting glow from her eyes
A spirit of revenge
Purging this monster
Of his sins
"I will haunt these lands
Cleansing it of the demons within"
The banshee wail of her voice
Blood flowed from every orafice
My last glimpse
Of her true form
Behold the harbinger
A goddess housed in flesh
To walk the earth
Collecting tainted souls
Track Name: Three Rings
Hunting for obilations
To slate unmatched hunger
Hiding in plain sight
Enticed masses
Lining up for the slaughter
Called to by bright lights
And games to play
Traveling town to town
Collecting offerings
Divinity a thirst to quench
Reciting from prophecy
Blessing the sacrifices
Calling to our Aphrodite
To appease the spirit of vengeance
Drink deep from you cup
And repeat after me
A sacred oath
A forgotten hymn
In service to our God
Our Queen
Their bodies collapse
Their spirits freed
Graced with rapturous beauty
Seeing her heart pump sludge
From decaying flesh
These souls will never be enough
Gather around