Viscera EP

by Bog Wraith

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    Music by Bog Wraith

    Art by Cesar Adrian

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released November 3, 2016

Audio engineering done by Hertz Donut Studios
Artwork done by Cesar Adrian of Soul Asphyx Arts



all rights reserved


Bog Wraith Lansing, Michigan

Formed in Lansing, Michigan in the summer of 2016, Bog Wraith is a deathcore outfit influenced by slam, black metal, and death metal.

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Track Name: Dreameater
Fall to sleep, lay your head down
I have come to claim your dreams
Consuming every last nightmare
Not even leaving faint memories

Sustaining myself
On what you see at night
Ever lasting agony
Caught in my sight

I can feel the source fading to black
Empty vessel kept past usefulness

A walking husk of human
Stealing your aspirations
Idenity unmade
Forgotten traveler

Waking up deaf blind and bound
now a useless hollowed shell
Welcome to a living nightmare
I am the dream eater
I am the dream eater

Devourer of your subconcious
Feasting on wanderers
Track Name: Vials of Wrath
Doom along the vast horizon
Mounted upon a steed of pestilence
Come to bring the end of days

The black hand comes to grip you
Thrown to the pit of dieseased

They were given power over a fourth
of the earth
to kill by sword, famine,
plague, and the wild
beasts of the woods.

Crows circle the townsfolk
Waiting for a meal to pass
Children fed to the dogs of war
Cast from their mothers hands

I looked, and beheld, an ashen horse;
and he who sat upon it the one named Death;
and Hades followed with him.

Smelling of gangrenous flesh
Taking what it wills
Rotted flesh eating away the limbs that're left

Jaws agape, swallowing the souls of the perished
Seven broken seals
Track Name: Visceral Rage
Crimson overwhelming the senses,
Hatred enveloping it's host.
The scent of blood hangs in the air

At the shores, of an ocean filled with vicera
Batheing in its glory
I baptize myself
I baptize myself

Truly able to see
this posession has taken me

Commanding the possesing soul
I have become whole

Arisen from the red waters
Born of the essence of demons

Spitting blood of napalm
feeling it burn the veins
Rage fuels me completely
Vengence my creed

The understanding of its power
The crimson light
The crimson light
I am atrocity known as hate
Track Name: Haunted
Colder than ice,
But sweating from every pore,
As if I'm harboring poltergeists,
Deep within my core.

Hypothermia starts to settle,
Deep within my chest,
Rib cage of black ice,
From my immoral guest.

I see the smoke rising
from my frozen breath,
A vapor filled embodiment,
Of the possessing death.

Hearing the whispers call,
To my suicidal tendencies,
Loading the pistol
feel it against me teeth

I feel my psyche cracking,
Beneath all the weight,
Of a dark passenger,
Turning me to what I hate.

Hearing the whispers call,
To my suicidal tendencies,

Surrender all ambitions,
And bite the bullet now,
At least I have this little voice,
To stop and show me how.

Cold steel exorcism
One shot to put me down
Cold steel exorcism
One shot to put me down

Flowing out the back of my head,
a feeling of true warmth